Adorable 16″ Large Bulldog Stuffed Animal gift that you Personalized with a note and we then send out in an adorable Gift Box.




This adorable Bulldog, dog stuffed animal plush gift will melt the hearts of anyone who hugs him!  The Large Bulldog comes hand stuffed and is so soft and oh, so cuddly and uber cute!

Adorable 16″  Bulldog Stuffed Animal plush dog that gift you Personalized with a note and we then send out in an adorable Gift Box. This is a fun and special way to send a hug to those you love both near and far. Care Packages, Send a Hug, Stuffed Animal or Weighted Plus Gift Personalized Note, Large  Bulldog Plushie Gift.Please don’t forget to add your Personalized note when purchasing. Also, please remember to add your name to the note card if you would like them to know it came from you.When checking out please make sure to put in the name and the correct address that you want your gift or care package to be sent to (ship to address).

Each order comes with:

  • (1) 16″ The Large Bulldog, Stuffed Plush Animal Gift Pet –  Proffessionally hand stuffed with 100% Made in the U.S.A. recycled Hypoallagenic Material.  Large Bulldog is soft with supple brown body, black nose, white and brown face twinkling eyes made with 100% Polyester Cotton, sitting position
  • (1) 4″x 6″ Personalized message card (You can enter your personal Message at checkout, copy and paste suggested messages quick checkout).
  • *(1-2) Pounds of Weighted 100% Polypropylene Beads


You can have your Large Bulldog weighted if you would like!Please choose which ever option you would like when purchasing.If you choose a weighted stuffed Large Bulldog it may provide extra hugs to the those who may need one.

If you choose a weighted Large Bulldog it will weigh approximately 1 1/2 to 2lbs.

Bring on the Charm with Our Bulldog Stuffed Plush

Ready to add a touch of delight to those special moments and show your love and care? Our Bulldog Stuffed Plush is all about sending love with a wag.  Also, you can choose the standard Bulldog Stuffed Plush or go for the Weighted Bulldog Stuffed Animal if you’d like.   Additionally, each one of our Bulldog Stuffed Plush arrives holding onto your short, heartfelt personal message card.

No matter what’s happening, we’ve got the perfect Bulldog Stuffed Plush to help you express your feelings:

For those special times:

  • Valentine’s Day: Share some love on this romantic day with a Bulldog Stuffed Plush that has a cute face and curly caramel hair, and a heartfelt message.
  • Deployed or Remote Working Parent: Let kids send a message to Mom or Dad with a huggable Bulldog Stuffed Plush.
  • Birthdays: Make someone’s day with a personalized Bulldog Stuffed Plush and a birthday wish.
  • Anniversaries: Celebrate those years together with a Bulldog Stuffed Plush that’s all about cherished memories.
  • Newborn Celebrations: Welcome a new life with a cuddly Bulldog Stuffed Plush and a warm message.
  • Get Well Soon: Offer comfort and well wishes with a Bulldog Stuffed Plush during the recovery process.
  • Graduations: Commemorate achievements with a Bulldog Stuffed Plush and words of pride.
  • Friendship Day: Show your appreciation for a buddy with a Bulldog Stuffed Plush that embodies your unique bond.

For all other times:

  • Weddings: Combine a Bulldog Stuffed Plush with flowers or gifts to bestow love and blessings on the newlyweds.
  • Sympathy: Provide solace with flowers and a touching message during tough times.
  • Thank You: Convey your gratitude with a token of appreciation, whether it’s flowers or a small gift.
  • Promotions: Celebrate career milestones with flowers or a thoughtful gift, all paired with heartfelt congratulations.
  • Housewarming: Extend a warm welcome to your loved ones in their new home with flowers or a personalized gift.

With each Bulldog Stuffed Plush, you’re not just giving a gift. You’re sending a piece of your heart, a comforting presence that serves as a reminder of your love and care. Whether you choose a standard Bulldog Stuffed Plush or go for the Weighted Bulldog Stuffed Animal, you’re creating a lasting memory. Start crafting those heartwarming moments with our bulldogs today.

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