Soft Premium Stuffed Plush – Send a Weighted or Stuffed Animals

Send Weighted or Stuffed soft premium Plush Animals you pick with a big Hug for the ones you love, and put a smile on their face with your own personal words printed on a Send A Pet card!

Send Weighted Stuffed Animals

πŸ’™Our Mission is to connect family and friends, near and far. By sending out big Hugs with one of our adorable stuffed animal pets! πŸ’™ We hand stuff our animals to make them lovable and uber soft. Also, we create weighted animals to give that extra big hug to those who may need it. Weighted animals can give extra comfort and calmness to those who hug one. πŸ’™

πŸ’™Send a Pet!

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Our Core Value Goal

At our core, we focus on fostering connections between loved ones, regardless of distance. Our mission is simple yet profound. Moreover, to bring family and friends closer by sending warm Hugs through our adorable stuffed animal pets! πŸ’™

We take immense pride in handcrafting our stuffed and Weighted animals to send, ensuring that each one is not just cuddly friend but exceptionally soft, too. Our goal is to create lovable and ultra-soft companions that capture the essence of a heartfelt embrace.

In addition to our regular plush animal pet buddies, we offer a unique touch – weighted animals. These special companions provide an extra layer of comfort and calmness. Furthermore, they offer a reassuring hug to anyone who needs it, offering a sense of tranquility and security.

In today’s fast-paced world, where digital connections often replace physical ones, we believe in the power of tangible gestures. That’s why we encourage you to Send a Pet! Our stuffed animal gifts are more than just toys; they are messengers of love and affection. They bridge the gap between loved ones, no matter where they are, and serve as heartwarming reminders of the connections that matter most.

If you’re in search of the perfect stuffed plush animal gift to send to a dear friend or family member, you’ve come to the right place. Consequently, our Huggable Pets go beyond being stuffed animals; they are symbols of love and connection that transcend distances and bring joy to countless faces worldwide. πŸ’™

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